At PremiumShellfish® we offer wild Lobsters and Scallops from Canada with the highest quality standards currently available, peeled raw, deep-frozen in nitrogen and without additives, which provide 100% yield and multiple culinary applications.

As our name indicates, we seek excellence in shellfish, and we get up every morning with the conviction that we can always do better, and that is what we try to do day-after-day.

In turn, our commitment is to offer you an excellent quality-price ration along with the best service, which enables us to provide solutions adapted to your business' requirements, with the most appropriate product and gastronomic assessment for each occasion.

We want to be your partner, that brand in which you trust your best creations and in which you can rely on to surprise your customers, and all of this without having to relinquish good practices and sustainability.


Premium Shellfish

Thanks to all of you who have made possible for, what one day was a dream, to become a reality. Thanks to my people, as after so many years we are a big family, always prepared to give everything for this project. I would also like to thank all the clients and companies who have trusted us and trust our products, as without their support this would not have been possible.

Dreams are the fuel of our illusions, and illusions make any project possible, successful and long-lasting.

Marc Gordó EntrepreneurFIRMA MARC G

  1. Sustainability

    By trusting us, you are helping our future generations to be able to enjoy this great legacy that are our seas and oceans.

    All our products come from certified sustainable fisheries or in the process of obtaining the certification. We are not going to overlook good practices in this area, and it is everyone’s task to maintain and protect this ecosystem for our future generations to enjoy it. 

    This is in our DNA, and it is our little grain of sand with which we will contribute to the future.

  2. Quality PremiumShellfish®

    At PremiumShellfish® we work with high quality standards to guarantee all our products have a Premium condition. That is why we commit to offering you an absolute regularity in all our products.

    Both the PremiumShellfish® Lobsters and Scallops are wild products, caught in the cold Canadian waters and in the Southeast Argentina, close to the Antarctic region.

    Our lobsters are presented peeled raw and deep-frozen, thanks to the high pressure processing system (HPP or High Pressure Processing). That is how we guarantee a texture and flavour unique of premium quality fresh lobster, 100% natural and free of additives and preservatives while we also remove the waste. Moreover, we only fish lobster at their optimum point, during the months of December and January and the months of May and June, which is the season of the hard shell Lobsters in Canada. Only in this way can we guarantee the utmost quality and maximum yield of our Lobsters Premiumshellfish®.

    In the case of our Scallops, we fish them, clean them and deep-freeze them on board pre-rigor mortis in less than 45 minutes. By doing so we guarantee that our Scallops Premiumshellfish® are free of any additives and preservatives, and we can offer you a 100% natural product, healthy and respectful with the planet.

  3. At the forefront

    At PremiumShellfish® we work with a clear innovative line that has allowed our products to stand out within the gastronomy sector. l That is why we need the world’s best technology available:

    HPP (High Pressure Processing): We use high pressure to remove the raw meat from our lobsters and offer you a world of culinary possibilities.

    FMS (Full Meat Scan): We scan all our Lobsters to guarantee an optimum meat density and a perfect cooking yield.

    FAS (Frozen at Sea): All our scallops are frozen at Sea, when they are fished. In 45 minutes we are capable of fishing, cleaning and deep-freezing our Scallops. Thanks to this process we avoid having to add chemical products to preserve them until they are calibrated onshore. We thereby manage to serve sweet scallops that seal automatically without losing any liquid or volume, assuring their freshness and natural flavour.

    DFN (Deep-Frozen Nitrogen): We use liquid nitrogen in all our freezing procedures, achieving for the freezing temperature and time to be ultra low and ultra fast.


We are different because we offer what others don't offer. We are different because we are consistent with what we say and advertise. We are different because...

  • We only work with wild product
  • All our products come from certified MSC sustainable fisheries or in the process of obtaining the certification.
  • All our product are 100% natural and do not contain any type of additives
  • All our products have the glazing protection compensated and the weight indicated is always net and drained.
  • We do not add water or inject any of our products
  • We only work with hard shell Lobsters from Canada
  • We only use Frozen at Sea Scallops, never frozen onshore
  • Our product labels are clear and understandable

Sometimes it is good to be different.

PremiumShellfish® International Company

Premium Shellfish Premium Shellfish

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