Lobster Claws

Wild Hard-shell Canadian lobster whole claws, peeled raw, deep-frozen // Format: 6 bags of 227g per pack (2 packs per box)


– Origin: Canada (FAO21)

– Species: Homarus Americanus

– Category: Premium

– Fishing season: May and June

– Same flavour and texture as a live Premium Lobster

– Significant cost and time saving

– Product without waste, 100% yield

– 100% natural product, without additives or preservatives

– Whole pieces of raw, peeled and ready to use lobster

– Great versatility and multiple cooking uses

It is ideal for: Salads, brochettes, garnishes, stuffing, tapas, salpicón (chopped seafood), sushi, tartar, risottos and rice dishes, etc.

Leave the product to defrost in a positive chamber for 8 hours or force the defrosting in cold water inside its bag.Open and drain the blood it may contain. Dry the claws with blotting paper and slight touches.——————————————————————————————————

GRILL WITHOUT BAG *Cooking recommended

Brown on the grill to taste with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

It may help to insert the claw in a skewer.

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