Canada Scallop XXL

The meat of Placopecten Magellanicus scallop, without coral, deep-frozen at sea, raw, IQF. Compensated glazing 0% waste // Format: 18-20 pieces/kg. 2 bags of 1 kg drained net weight per pack (2 packs per box)


– Origin: Canada (FAO21)

– Species: Placopecten Magellanicus

– Category: Premium

– Deep-frozen product at Sea, pre-rigor mortis

Maximum freshness and flavour, favouring the sealing of the product

– 100% natural, without additives or preservatives

– No added water. Compensated glazing.

– High regularity regarding calibre

– 100% yield

– Non injected

Leave the product to defrost in a positive chamber on a tray with a grid and use to convenience. We recommend browning them on the grill, leaving their interior not very cooked for them to have a tender and mellow texture.

Ideal as a starter, to laminate and make Carpaccio or just to brown them on the grill and present them as the main ingredient of a dish.

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